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WeedBar LA revolutionizes event experiences by introducing the novelty of an elegant, cannabis-infused atmosphere. Our unique offerings—such as Micro-Dosed Mocktails and Smokeless Options—help guests avoid the pain of overindulgence and potential discomfort, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.


In stark contrast to typical event services, WeedBar LA elevates gatherings with a sophisticated and memorable twist, catering to both experienced users and newcomers. This blend of novelty, safety, and sophistication transforms ordinary events into extraordinary celebrations, leaving lasting impressions on all attendees.



At WeedBar LA, we transform your events with a touch of sophistication and novelty. Our dedicated team of experts curates the perfect experience by blending exquisite cannabis-infused mocktails, smokeless options, and micro-dosed products. Whether it’s an intimate gathering, corporate function, private party, wedding, anniversary, bachelor party, or bachelorette party, we ensure a memorable and safe cannabis experience that delights both seasoned users and newcomers. With our focus on elegance, safety, and personalization, WeedBar LA elevates your celebrations, leaving lasting impressions and unforgettable memories.

Unforgettable Cannabis Experiences for Weddings, Parties, and Events

WeedBar LA collaborates with local chefs, experienced budtenders, and uses the finest ingredients and highest quality cannabis to create unforgettable events. We fully customize your special day with:

  • Gourmet Food from Master Chefs: Delicious food prepared by our network of top chefs.

  • Full Weed Bar: Top-shelf flower curated by professionally trained budtenders.

  • Micro-Dosed Cannabis Mocktails: Refreshing and carefully dosed mocktails.

  • Exceptional Edibles: Including medicated cakes, ice cream, and OU Kosher certified gummies.

  • Full Dab Bar: Featuring the “Nug Smasher” concentrate press for fresh dabs on demand.

  • Topicals and Massages: Soothing lotions and topicals applied by licensed massage therapists.

  • CBD and Non-Psychoactive Products: High-quality, non-psychoactive cannabis options.

  • Signature Goody Bags: Customized goody bags to delight your guests.

We pride ourselves on curating a personalized cannabis experience that perfectly complements the mood and theme of your event!



Perfect Weddings, Stress-Free Planning

Ultimate Birthday Party Experience


Top Corporate Event Planning and Office Parties

Let us take care of all the wedding details so you can enjoy your special day stress-free. Whether you're planning a birthday celebration, anniversary, or your dream wedding, we specialize in creating perfect, customized events just for you.

Whether you're planning a birthday party or looking to boost the celebration, WeedBarLA has you covered.

WeedBarLA is proud to partner with sponsors to host corporate events and office parties for everyone over 21. Our professional networking events, team-building dinners, and exclusive corporate gatherings have received high praise.


"WeedBarLA made our wedding day unforgettable. The booking process was seamless, and the service exceeded our expectations. Our guests loved it!"          - Sarah D.

"Hosting my birthday party with WeedBarLA was a fantastic experience. The team was professional, and the event was a huge success. Highly recommended for birthday celebrations!" - Michael B.

"WeedBarLA handled our corporate event with exceptional professionalism. The booking was easy, and the event went off without a hitch. Perfect for any corporate gathering!" - Emily K.

"Our office party was a hit, thanks to WeedBarLA. The process was smooth, and the service was top-notch. We’ll definitely be booking with them again for future events." - David R.

"WeedBarLA has been amazing throughout the entire event planning process. From booking to execution, everything was handled perfectly. They’re our go-to for any event!" - Jessica L.

"WeedBarLA made my bachelor party an unforgettable experience. The booking was easy, and the service was exceptional. All my friends had an amazing time, and it was the highlight of our celebrations. Highly recommended for bachelor parties!" - John M.

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