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Curating customized cannabis experiences for your private event.



At WEEDBAR LA, we speak your language. We understand what you need and how to deliver it. With our dedicated team of experts, we curate the perfect event by providing the ideal mix of food, entertainment, atmosphere, and education. From intimate gatherings, corporate functions, private parties, weddings & anniversaries, to anything you can imagine; WeedBar LA will make it happen!

Cannabis experiences that leave lasting memories.

WeedBar LA pairs local chefs, experienced budtenders, the finest ingredients, and the highest quality of cannabis for your event. We completely customize your special day by providing:

  • Delicious food through our network of master chefs

  • Full weed bar with top shelf flower cultivated by our network of professionally trained budtenders

  • Micro-dosed cannabis mocktails

  • Out of this world edibles including medicated cakes, ice cream, and OU Kosher certified cookies

  • Full dab bar with “Nug Smasher” concentrate press to make fresh dabs on demand

  • Lotions and topicals applied by licensed massage therapists

  • CBD and non-psychoactive products

  • Signature goody bags

We pride ourselves on personalizing the high to match the mood of your event!


party cannabis marijuana
wedding cannabis marijuana
chai havdalah cannabis marijuana

Private Events

Corporate Events

Community Events

Let us worry about the details so you can enjoy your own party. Whether it is a birthday party, anniversary, or a wedding, we will provide the perfect customized event for you.

Whether you’re throwing an office holiday party, or simply want to raise morale, WeedBarLA has you covered.  

WeedBarLA is proud to partner with sponsors to throw events that everyone over the age of 21 can enjoy.  We have gained praise for our singles event, Connect, as well as our dinner parties and Elevated Shabbats.


You are amazing and this booking experience has been one of the easiest and more pleasurable ones out of all of the vendors we are working with.  Thank you. 

-Mason Miller

Our Partners




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