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Passover Sedar



Thanks to the generous support (again!) of David Bronner and the Dr. Bronner's (TM) family, we bring you the Le'Or Cannabis Seder for Peace  - a new tradition of remembrance, celebration and action.


This years' attendees include industry-leading drug policy activists, business owners, clergy and community leaders.  In the turmoil of our current political landscape, this intimate, invite-only event promises to be a night of reflection, spiritual healing and celebration for all who attend. As before, we'll enjoy great food, wine, flower and friends. And more important, great conversations.  


This year will also feature some 'new and improved' features -- after-party activities, more music, and more time to mingle.


Our one rule is that you plan to stay a'while.


In the coming weeks we'll be contacting you about ways to engage in the Seder. Don't be shy. If you have an idea of something you'd like to present, discuss or share with this family of celebrants, let us know.  Otherwise you will be assigned a reading about a week beforehand. 


Kindest wishes, love and light,

Catherine Goldberg - WeedBarLA and Claire Kaufmann, Le'Or Co-Founder

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