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So You Wanna Start a Cannabis Business?

An Easy to Read Step by Step Guide

So You Wanna Start a Cannabis Business_ Introduction
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Starting a legal cannabis company has never been easier. Entrepreneur Catherine Goldberg lays the groundwork for new business owners in the legal weed space, detailing every step of the process to demystify the burgeoning industry and help you succeed.

Founder of two successful cannabis ventures, Catherine’s love for the plant and for empowering others to succeed collide in this all-encompassing guide to starting and running a legal cannabis business successfully. She draws from her decade of experience in the industry where she has helped reshape how the public thinks of weed, and has built countless legal cannabis brands from the ground up.

Learn how to start a cannabis business, adhere to licensing requirements, plan cannabis business startup costs , develop innovative marketing strategies, and manage your team to the utmost of their ability. From industry trends to follow, to networking opportunities you can’t miss, So You Wanna Start a Cannabis Business? is the definitive guide to starting, running and profiting from a cannabis business, and doing it well.

The legal cannabis market is thriving, what are you waiting for? Table of Contents

Chapter 1: How to Start a Cannabis Business

Chapter 2: Cannabis Business License Requirements

Chapter 3: Cannabis Business Startup Costs

Chapter 4: Cannabis Business Marketing Strategies

Chapter 5: Cannabis Business Legal Considerations

Chapter 6: Cannabis Business Financial Projections

Chapter 7: Cannabis Business Exit Strategy

Chapter 8: Cannabis Business Management Tips

Chapter 9: Cannabis Business Networking Opportunities

Chapter 10: Cannabis Industry Trends


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