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Introducing Catherine Goldberg, Founder of WeedBarLA

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Who am I: Hi! I'm Catherine Goldberg but you can call me Cat. I'm 32 and live in Los Angeles with my dog/child Bear. I am highly caffeinated, super curious, and a big fan of meditation, mindfulness, and gratitude.

My background: I went to Sarah Lawrence College and graduated in 2011. My concentration was in neuroscience and marketing. My work centered around the question of why some brands stick in our brains and other don't. I had the honor of working for NeuroFocus (purchased by Neilson) analyzing data -- collected with EEG and Eye Tracking -- as consumers viewed commercials.

Why I love Cannabis: Two reasons. The voice in my head can be a bit *overactive*. I love how cannabis quiets the internal monologue so that I'm able to see and experience the beauty of the world. When it's paired with an iced oat milk latte I can do anything! Second, Cannabis unleashes my creativity and helps me connect seemingly unrelated ideas to solve real world problems effectively.

Early Work: I started my first company BrainBuzz after I graduated from college. I used evidence based neuroscience/psychology selling techniques to help my clients create "sticky marketing" material that drove conversions and delivered measurable results.

Why I started WeedBar LA: Two reasons! I saw the need from the brand side. Dispensaries are over crowded and since customers can't interact with the product it's nearly impossible to make an emotional connection. I saw events as a perfect opportunity to safely show the world how great cannabis can make weddings and birthday parties memorable -- without anyone falling asleep! Second, no one thinks twice about having an open bar at their event. Why not include a Weed Bar and cancel the hangover. Whatever you can dream up we can do!

Want to learn more? Reach out directly! My email is cat (at) weedbarla dot (com).

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