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Planning A Wedding With Cannabis

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Cat Goldberg was featured in the current issue of Different Leaf: A Journal of Cannabis Culture.

Here Comes The High, written by Katie Shapiro, shares insights and best practices for planning a wedding reception with cannabis.

Click below to download the PDF.

Download PDF • 11.68MB

Quotes by Cat Goldberg

We’re right at an inflection point and this current wave of national media surrounding cannabis- friendly weddings is going to tip it over.

Californians have always smoked weed at family gatherings. They just had to sneak off to

do it. Now, with WeedBar, a sophisticated, safe, and accessible experience is available to everyone.

Not everyone wants to smoke. Consider a cannabis mocktail for a familiar yet novel feel. And not everyone wants to get high. Consider a CBD dessert bar. All guests can indulge freely and partake in this new experience without having a psychoactive experience.

Stick to low-THC, sun-grown strains and edibles. A dosage of 2.5 milligrams is perfect. Guests can visit the weed bar three or four times throughout the night to sample everything and never get uncomfortably high.

Have you ever seen a drunk girl at a wedding? An open bar brings a certain energy with it. It’s loud. It can get sloppy. That doesn’t exist with cannabis. You see guests having these fully engaged conversations, laughing — and just being completely present with each other in the moment filled with love.

WeedBar Weddings book six to twelve months in advance. Email Cat to start the conversation.

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