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Trend Alert: Cannabis Party Favors

Don't send your guests home empty handed. WeedBar LA goodie bags are the perfect take home gift. Make guests feel appreciated by sending them home with a keepsake that will bring joy and happiness for weeks to come.

Whether it's a wedding, bridal shower or birthday party WeedBar LA customizes and curates cannabis gift boxes for all occasions (and budgets!).

For Danette's 50th Bohemian Bash we created these Boho Chic party favor for 30 of her closest friends.

Remember, not everyone wants to smoke or necessarily have a psychoactive experience. We included Cann Social Tonic, Wyld CBG Pear Gummies, Petra Moroccan Mints and of course a hybrid (relaxing but not sedative) Joint and Lighter.

Every gift box included a QR code. When guests scanned the code a personalized birthday message with product information and dosing instructions played.

Not all venues (or family members!) are cannabis friendly. Sending your guests home with a custom WeedBar LA goody bag is a perfect way to include cannabis in your special day, without getting on anyone's bad side.

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