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Weed Bar LA Update: Betsy’s 70th Birthday Bash

We had a fabulous time at Urban Zen in West Hollywood celebrating Betsy’s 70th birthday.

Genius party planner, Anita Gohari, transformed the space into a tropical wonderland.

Guests ate sushi served off of a naked model. Cat ate Mexican pizza.

We were in the Drugs and Tequila room (not exactly the branding we’re going for!)

The Weed Bar was sandwiched in-between the lavish pink macaroons and the tequila tasting.

At WeedBarLA we strongly believe every adult should be able to enjoy cannabis even if they don't smoke.

For drinks we served Cann Social Tonics in Lemon Lavender and Pineapple Jalapeño.

For treats we served micro dosed mints, pineapple habanero gummies, and milk chocolates.

And of course for our cannabis connoisseurs we had two choices of rolled flower. One clear headed, energizing sativa. And the other, a giggly but more relaxed (not sedative) hybrid.

Guests ages ranged from 21-101 and many traveled from across the country and internationally to celebrate with Betsy in West Hollywood.

Are you ready to book your 70th birthday party? Email Cat to get started.

**Like to try any of the products we served? In Los Angeles and over 21+ Feel free to use these referral discounts.

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