Catherine Goldberg
Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Cannabis Expert
Catherine Goldberg is an American entrepreneur. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence in 2011 with a degree in neuroscience and marketing. She is the Founder and CEO of BrainBuzz, Founder and CEO of WeedBar LA, and writes for High Times about trends in cannabis and technology. Brainbuzz helps individuals and companies maximize sales by understanding the science and psychology behind their customers' purchasing decisions. Employing insight into the brain's decision-making process, she creates persuasive, neurologically compelling content for businesses of all kinds. Weedbar LA is known for its keen attention to detail on events of all sizes and scale. WeedBar LA’s number one priority is exceeding our clients’ and guests’ expectations. Her drug of choice is pixie sticks, celebrity crush is Ellen Page, and her favorite is food is latkes.
Johsua Kusinitz
Partner and Chief Creative Officer
Joshua Kusinitz is an award winning writer and media consultant who specialize in content generation and SEO. As a media consultant he has created and maintained blogs for clients like, producer, Linda Saetre’s (March of The Penguins) production Company, and has written SEO copy for travel start-up Wanderfly, and helped numerous other creatives hone and develop their vision. After receiving his MFA in 2015 from the prestigious Tisch College at NYU, he has won numerous screenwriting awards and helped develop a talk show for a TV personality. Joshua has production experience working on an upcoming Netflix Original film, and quickly developed a reputation as a problem solver on and off set. His drug of choice is Rolaid, celebrity crush is Natalie Portman circa 2010, and his favorite salad is pie.
Leah Younesi
Director of Events and Chief Operations Officer
Leah Younesi is a production “superhero” with years of experience working for companies based in Los Angeles, New York City, and Paris. She has worked with numerous top directors, producers, designers, and creative teams to develop a myriad of successful video content, exhibitions, experiential events/activations, as well as intimate gatherings. Her work includes coordinating music videos for Pharrell Williams, Daft Punk, and Ariana Grande. Leah has also facilitated various projects including exhibitions for the Avengers and Transformers and a Lionsgate theme park in China. Leah specializes in overseeing projects from concept to completion, finding the best vendors, and solving crises as they arise, all while keeping a cool head. She’s always looking to take events to a new level! Her drug of choice is corgis, her celebrity crush is Jason Schwartzman, and her favorite fruit is beans.
Ian Brown
Head Budtender
Ian Brown arrived in Los Angeles in 2013 from Colorado eager to dive into the marijuana industry. He got his start at the Farmacy West Hollywood and found a home guiding employees and patients on their own grows. After transitioning to Rose Collective, Ian developed a true passion for budtending and clone production. He found a calling in counseling patients and developed products out of their unique needs and in that need was born Truely Happy Capsules. Now made famous by Hightimes, Culture, and the Venice Beach Head, the handcrafted coconut Capsules are well reviewed and sought after, being favorites for cancer, IBS, and depression patients. Ian brings his expert advice without any agenda, ready and willing to help in any way. Don't be afraid to ask him your most pressing cannabis questions!
Kelsey Barney
Head Budtender
Kelsey Barney started at the Farmacy Venice in 2009 on Abbot Kinney serving patients in a global organic pharmacy that included Chinese herbs and herbalists. She then ran the social media for Farmacy West Hollywood and now The Rose Collective in Venice, where she is currently the marketing director. As a representative for Truly Happy Capsules, she's had the pleasure of working with White Rabbit High Tea, Sunnyside Collective, Fountain of Wellbeing, and Women's Grow. Graduated Cum Laude from Loyola Marymount University in Communications. A patient since 2009, Kelsey uses marijuana medically for depression, IBS, and back pain following a survival from a three story fall. She's also used marijuana successfully to ease the dementia of her grandmother's Alzheimer's.